Pulsecheck HR


pulsecheckHR works by providing structure and record around a short monthly 1/1 meeting between a manager and their staff

Its power lies in the combination of the simplicity of this structure and its ability to monitor and direct employee performance towards the goals and strategic direction of the business, all achieved in a few minutes per month

The results can be immediate, measurable and enlightening

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Traditional periodic appraisals have many known and acknowledged drawbacks and pitfalls. pulsecheckHR addresses each of these and eliminates them completely

By simplifying the input and focusing on the employee's output in the period, pulsecheckHR both rewards and corrects behaviours, eases the manager's task and clarifies the performance environment for the employee

Better still, the employees like and appreciate it!

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pulsecheckHR creates a direct connection between the aims of the company and the recorded success of its employees

This connection clarifies activity throughout the organisation, tightens up the relationship between the employee and their manager and energises teams

Acknowledged recognition of both outstanding and weak performance creates a fairer more focused environment within which to excel

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